Welcome to Penns Creek Campground! 

2022 Camping Season Reservations: The reservation system is now open to accept reservations for the entire 2022 camping season!  Holiday weekend reservations will continue to be by telephone only (or text).  

Experience 'Peace on the Creek' at our beautiful campground located directly on Penns Creek. 

Firewood: We do have firewood for sale at the campground and recommend you pre-purchase when making your reservation.  We do not have staff on-site at all times to sell and deliver wood. When pre-purchased, wood will be stacked next to your electic meter prior to your arrival in most cases or as soon after arrival as possible.  Given this policy, if upon arrival you did not pre-order wood and see a pile of stacked wood in an empty campsite, please do not take it.  They may be checking in later or the next day. We will do out best to accomodate you with in person cash sales as well.

A quick note on our sites: Sites are from the meter base with your number on it to the back of the meter base with the next higher number.  In other words, from the meter base with your number on it DOWNSTREAM to the next meter base. 

Also, be sure to check out our fully furnished apartment at:


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Full hook-up

Includes Water, Sewer, and electric

Picnic table and fire ring at each site.

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Tent/Small RV

Includes water and electric

Picnic table and fire ring at each site.

Sites can accomodate tents, popups, or small RV's up to approx 24'

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Primitive tenting sites, no water or electric at site.

Sites large enough to accomodate several tents.

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Check In: 2:00PM

Check Out: 12:00PM

You may check availability of your site on the web for the evening prior to your arrival.  If your site is not booked the night prior, you may arrive and set up camp as early as you would like the day of your arrival.

Need to Cancel your reservation? If you need to cancel your reservation, please call or text 570-274-5995

  • >8 days before your reservation begins: receive a full refund, minus $5 admin fee.
  • 7-3 days before your reservation begins: receive refund minus first night's cost.
  • <3 days before your reservation begins: no refund
  • Pavillion reservations may have special deposit and cancellation policies.

Need to change your reservation date? 

  • >days before your reservation:begins No charge
  • <8 days before your reservation begins: $20 admin fee
  • Reservations can be rescheduled ONE time without incurring the $20 admin fee.  A second rescheduling will automaticly incur the admin fee.

There are no set office hours at the campground, you may proceed directly to your site upon arrival.  You do not need to 'check in'.  Simply have your confirmation email available in some form should it be necessary.  Similarly, you do not need to check out with anyone as well. 

Speed limit: Speed is limited to 5MPH within the campground at all times.

ATV/Golf Carts:  Please be aware, we do not allow use of ATVs, SxSs, or golf carts within the campground.  You may unload and keep them outside the entrances to the campground for use during your stay.  This also includes any guests to your site that may arrive. 

Quiet hours: 10PM-8AM.  First violation will be a verbal warning.  Second violation will be dismissal from campground without refund.  TVs and radios should not be able to be heard beyond your site. Please be considerate of your neighbors.

Damage to trees:  Damage or removal, in whole or part, of any trees or shrubs (living or not) is prohibited.  Do not fasten any items to trees using permanant methods that may damage trees (screws, nails, bolts, etc).  Please use ropes and temporary clotheslines during your stay.

Disruptive Behavior:  If police are called due to disruptive behavior at your site, by either management or another camper, the offending camper or campers will be immediately required to leave the campground.  This includes seasonal campers, where the seasonal agreement will become void.  There will be no refunds to any persons in this case.  Please do not place yourself or management in this position. 

Pets:  Well behaved pets are allowed, but will remain on leash or within a confined area for the duration of your stay.  Pets must be cleaned up after, failure to do so will result in an inability to make future reservations at the campground.  Owners are responsible for their pets maintaining quiet hour observation.

Firearms:  Use of firearms of any kind (BB, pellet, paintball, etc. included) at any time within the campground is prohibited and will result in removal from the campground. 

Insurance/Theft: Penns Creek Campground and its owners will not be responsible for theft of RV or contents thereof, nor for any damages due to natural causes (tree falls, flooding, etc); nor for spoilage of refrigerated/frozen food due to loss of electricity for any reason.  All activities done within the campground are by freewill of the individual, Penns Creek Campground and its owners will not be responsible for injury to guests or for lost/stolen valuables of any kind.

Visitors:  Visitors are permitted at your site, but you will be responsible for actions and behaviors of said visitors.

Wood:  Wood is available for sale near the red barn at the main entrance to the campground.  Cost is $5 per bundle.  There is a dropbox located near the firewood rack for payment if there is no one on site to pay.  Those who purchase wood online at time of reservation will have their wood placed in their campsite prior to arrival.  If this is not possible, then other arrangements will be made. 

Trash:  Short term guests may use the trash cans distributed among the nightly sites, seasonal campers will be given a key for the dumpster and responsible for depositing their own trash.

Restrooms:  Please remove all personal items from the restrooms, any items remaining will be disposed of upon cleaning of the restroom.  Shower usage is limited to paying guests only and are not to be used by visitors. 

Telephone Hours:

Monday – Friday 9 am to 10 pm
Saturday – 10 am to 10 pm
Sunday – 10 am to 5 pm

Phone: (570) 274-5995 (cell)

Email: reservations@pennscreekcampground.com

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